We are here to help you communicate professionalism to your clients and customers.  Your business phone system and data system cannot make your company great, however it can make your company fail if it is not done right.  We have the knowledge and skills necessary to help you get winning from the start.  Since 1993 we have been one of the premier Teleco and Toshiba dealers in the Mobile, AL, Pensacola FL, & the Mississippi area that sells and services Toshiba phone systems.  We have just been named Regional Teleco.  Why?  Because we now service Jackson and Northern Mississippi, in addition to the rest of Alabama  We have combined forces with Teleco MS.  We have merged their site with ours. With a regional presence we can serve your needs in more areas.  There are many companies you can call to sell you a phone system but only one that you can call that will do it all.  Gulf Coast Teleco….oops I meant to say Regional Teleco.  Keeping our customers connected since 1993.  Click on this banner for more information about Toshiba.

Hi there! My name is Randy Nix, and I have been in the business to business phone and data business since 1981.  Our company is successful because of our successful customers.  It is a win win for you.  Call me and I will guarantee that you will improve your company’s communications.  251-479-2999.  All businesses have to start out lean and smart to compete.  We will show you how to communicate professionalism to your customers and clients from day one.

Do you need to move to bigger space?:

Our installation and support group will help you move your office.  Call 251-479-2999 option 2 to talk with one of our certified technicians.  We can move your office or design a new office that will take advantage of the latest technology that you need.

Also if you need the perfect phone system to start out with,  We have a family of products that can start with as little a 4 phones and can grow as large as your needs grow.  The award winning Toshiba CIX system, or ESI phone products can meet any business challenge that you need to meet.  These are the last phone systems you will ever have to buy.  You can’t outgrow them or find a quality reliable product that is better.