Imagine being able to connect to the people and data that matter most in the places where traditional communications don’t always work.  With a Globalstar phone it is like magic.  It just works in bad weather or clear skies.  Don’t leave shore without one.  You will be amazed at the sound quality compared to other satellite companies.  It is because the Globalstar system is just like a cell phone system that moves over the earth in low orbit.  The satellites are closer to you and have more power.
Voice Coverage


Satellite Airtime Plans

Twice the Talk with Double Time Minutes 80 minutes for only $39.95 per month.

Rate Sheet

If you work off shore, you need to stop the cell phone companies from charging you up to $5.00 a minute from an oil rig .  If you have a boat that is ocean going you can equip it with a stationary phone for as little as $1499.00 and receive unlimited data for navigation weather, and keeping up with your social networks like Facebook, Path, google+, etc. You can send and receive email  just like you are at your office.


The GSP2900 fixed phone is perfect for small or large yachts.  It will work with any boat that needs advanced communications.

product_gsp2900Just connect an inexpensive portable analog phone and you have the perfect system for anywhere below deck or on deck.  Stay in touch with on-line data or on voice.

The 2900 can be ordered with a variety of antennae options to help keep you connected.  Just contact us at 251-479-2999 and ask for Randy Nix.  He has been in the communications business since 1981.  We can help you with support or go on site for a custom installation.

There are no roaming charges for anywhere in the US and the Caribbean sea.

With Globalstar’s award winning constellation you have over 90% coverage in any area you travel.