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Why does my message light stay on even though I don’t have any messages?

Someone may have called your extension and pressed their message button by accident.  To turn it off dial #409 while the phone is idle. (You may have to do this up to 4 times, as the system can keep up to 4 notifications)

How do I change the time on the display?

Go to this link.

How do I setup a conference call?

To start a conference, call your first party and after they answer press the CONF/TRAN button and select a line then dial your second party, wait for them to answer and press the CONF/TRAN button again.  All three of you will be connected.  If you need to add another party to the call, repeat the above action.  Where most people have trouble with conference calls is usually because they put the caller on hold instead of using the CONF/TRAN key.  The Toshiba method is said to be a simple toggle system.

How do I change the ringer volume?

While your phone handset is in the cradle, press the volume up arrow until you hear the ringer volume you need.  To change the volume of a call you use the same button with the handset off hook.  After the current call the volume will reset to the default.

How do I see my caller ID history?

Press your caller ID button and use the volume up and volume down to toggle to the previous call.  It will show you missed calls, answered calls, and the date and time of the call.  

How do I avoid “voice mail tag”?

First, and most important, avoid leaving messages like, “John, this is Jane, call me.” Instead, leave the information you wanted the person to have.  If it is a question, ask the question.  More times than not, John calls Jane back, gets her mailbox, and says “Jane, this is John returning your call.  Please call me.”  This sounds a little ridiculous, but it happens A LOT.  If your information is of a sensitive nature, preface that in your message.  This is in case the person listening to the message is on a speakerphone, he will have the opportunity to lift the handset for privacy. 

Secondly, follow up with another form of communication.  Simply send an email restating what you said in your message.  You never know which form of communication the person you are communicating with prefers and responds to most quickly.  The person may not check voice mail but once or twice a day.  However, they may check email hourly.  If you know which form of communication the person prefers, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, AIM, cell phone texting, etc., follow up using that form too, if neccessary.  This is assuming you use all of these forms of communication as well.

time changeHow do I change the time on my telephone system?

  • Star2Star systems automatically link to a central time server.
  • Toshiba CIX series
  • IPitomy systems automatically link to a central time server.
  • NEC Univerge SV8100, Electra Elite IPK II, IPK, 48, and 192
  • Samsung telephone systems
  • Samsung SVMI series voice mail systems link automatically to the telephone system.
  • Avaya Partner ACS
  • Avaya Partner Mail and Partner Messaging link automatically to the telephone system.
  • Nortel Norstar
  • Nortel Call Pilot and Startalk voice mails link automatically to the telephone system.
  • My Samsung message light is flashing, but when I press my message button either it does nothing or calls someone in my office.  How do I correct this? To cancel a message waiting indication:
  • On a Samsung system – dial 42 then dial YOUR extension number

My phone doesn’t ring and the display shows my phone is forwarded.  How do I correct this?  This is common on Samsung systems installed in the 601 area code.  It is caused from a user picking up on the INTERCOM (for an inside call by not selecting a line button or dialing 9) the dialing a phone number that begins with 601.  The call forward code for most Samsungs is 601.  So if you do not get a line and dial 6012081212, the system will forward your phone to ext. 208 (601-208) then disregargards the 1212.  To correct this dial (without pressing speaker or lifting your handset) 600.  To forward your phone to voice mail when you are busy dial 602 plus the voice mail pilot number.  This is usually 509, 519, or 529.  To forward when you do not answer, dial 603 plus the voice mail pilot number.  You can also forward when you are busy OR do not answer by completing the steps above for busy, then no answer, then dial 604.

For additional questions, call 601.206.0400 or 251.479.2999