Toshiba CIX


Any phone system you purchase for your business needs to be flexible and ready for the business challenge it is designed to face.  Most modern phone systems at first glance have all of the same features.  Features alone doesn’t mean that all phone systems are the same. We have represented Toshiba phone systems since 1985.  Other phone systems miss one point that makes Toshiba unique.  All Toshiba systems have a gas surge protector for each phone line in the system.  This means you have a system that will not break down easily when lightning strikes or a power surge is received.

Quality of the handsets and speakers means that you will always hear and be heard with the best sound quality in the business.  After all you need to communicate quality in everything you do.  Don’t be a squeaky voice.

Finally, when you invest in a Toshiba system you never have to change systems when you outgrow the capacity.  It starts out as a 4 line 8 phone system and can grow by expansion to 1200 lines and phones.

Here is all the Toshiba information you need.  Please contact us below and we will help you.